Our Philosophy

“Educating is like sowing: the fruit is not guaranteed and is not immediate, but if you do not sow there will be no harvest”

Carlo Maria Martini

The Giovani Orme Cooperative is the result of an active citizenship started in 2009 by the Council of Corna Imagna and a group of young people of the village, whose main goal at first was to create a Youth Center with aggregative activities. As time goes by, the group became larger as well as the goals changed: opening a budget-friendly youth hostel was the way to enhance and to get to know the cultural and natural beauties of the valley, along with the creation of new jobs.  The structure was opened in 2010 and at the moment it’s run by Stefano, Cinzia and Letizia, friendly people who are glad to welcome whoever wants to spend a memorable and fun holiday immersed in a naturalistic context still almost untouched!

The principles in which we firmly believe are:
a deep connection with the territory we love, a creation of a network with the people who operate in the local tourism sector to strengthen and improve together, a development of a responsible and sustainable tourism that respects the environment and the people who live in.