San Luigi Camping

The campsite , as the hostel and the Bar Alà Baleta (open in summer), is run by the Giovani Orme Cooperative in collaboration with the local council and the parish church. The campsite can accommodate up to 80 people, it’s completely surrounded by unspoiled nature in which guests discover places and beautiful sceneries, as the emotional breathtaking view of Resegone mountain.

Our territory
The hostel is located in the hearth of Imagna Valley, land of culture, nature, sport and wellness:
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The Experimental and Educational Chestnut Grove

A place where everybody can learn from nature through workshops about the fascinating world of bees, the wood and the chestnuts.

The educational chestnut grove is an innovative project started in 2018 by Stefano Invernizzi (agronomist and president of the Giovani Orme Cooperative) with the aim to promote and protect the centuries-old chestnut woods, a characteristic feature of Corna Imagna village. For him and the other members of the Giovani Orme Cooperative the environment of the Imagna Valley is not a postcard background but a vital element to know, to respect and to safeguard.

Since 2018 the Cooperative has been taking care of a private chestnut grove located nearby the hostel (5 minutes walk) and many other chestnut trees have been planted in the area. Right after, in 2019, a small bee farm was introduced in the majestic chestnut wood with educational purposes.

The place in fact is perfect for workshops and guided tours organized for schools and families because it’s spacious enough to host large groups of visitors. The bees, without whom man’s life wouldn’t be possible, become an important tool to get closer to nature and its rhythms, learning to know and respect it through educational activities: nature, indeed, is one of the most important bearer of educational values that must be constantly known and experienced!