Ostello il Sentiero

Moderno ed accogliente, l’ostello è gestito da una cooperativa di giovani e si fonda su principi di eco-sostenibilità e valorizzazione del territorio.

Accoglienza gruppi

L’Ostello è ideale per famiglie e gruppi numerosi con trattamento B&B, mezza pensione, pensione completa e su richiesta anche in autogestione.

Do you fell like eating Polenta? Before…ride a bike!

Sunday 30 May 2020

In Corna Imagna (BG)

Polenta pedalata is a yearly event organized the last weekend of May in the village of Corna Imagna. On this occasion people cook polenta (a typical dish of northern Italy) in a fun way: instead of sitting at the table waiting to be quietly served, this time to deserve a good plate of polenta you have to work and… pedal!


The inventors of this curious way of preparing polenta took a normal mountain bike, took away its wheels and connected the chain to the engine which then turns the metal stick in the pot. A funny idea that allows you to turn the polenta and cook it while pedalling. At the end of the cooking the polenta will be served together with other typical products, accompanied by a glass of good wine. There will be also plenty of music and a lively animation for children!

To remember

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